Sunday, January 1, 2012

Only the best to you in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Yet again, a new year is upon us, and even though I try not to make resolutions, there's always a part of me that thinks a new year means a new start, and hopefully a better starting point for the rest of the year, and maybe the rest of my life.
Too often, March rolls around and I have fallen off the wagon - only disappointing myself, and why do I have to disappoint myself...ever? So, even though I say no more resolutions, here are my challenges for the New Year, and hopefully the rest of my life:

#1 Be a better wife - I try so hard to be a good person, but somehow my husband always seems to get the raw end of the deal. I am going to try to put him first this year, and think of how what I do every day might impact his day. I am going to be thankful to be married to such a wonderful person, and appreciate all he does for me and our family. I will welcome him home each night with a smile and ask about his day, and not complain about mine. Really, I have nothing to complain about.

#2 Better organize my business paperwork - kind of tied into #1, it turns out my husband keeps the books for my growing catering company, and I don't write down mileage, I don't properly file receipts or records - everything is just a pile of papers. It's time to clean up the office and begin thinking of the additional work I create from pure laziness.

#3 Finish projects - I am tired of so many unfinished projects tucked away in cupboards, baskets and drawers. This is the year I finish all projects that I start, and finish up half-done projects from years past.

#4 Use my slow cooker(s) - I have two slow cookers, yes, I know, who has two? But this year, I will use them at least once a week, and post the recipes. I also have a pressure cooker (bought in a weak moment from TSC) which I will learn how to use.

#5 Remember friends and family members birthdays - This is a recurring one, in which I strive, strrive, strive to do each year. I almost made it last year, but some people fell through the cracks. It was a busy year, last year, with the arrival of the twins in early February, and then adjusting to make it all work on about 3 hours of sleep a day. I apologise to the friends and family I forgot, but I hope you understand that last year was just plain busy.

#6 Not spend so much - This ties in with #1 too, I do spend a lot on just "stuff". Stuff that I need, stuff that I don't and stuff that I wonder why I ever thought I needed that in the first place. And, I am sure, stuff that annoys my husband when it comes time to pay the bills.

#7 Build my businesses - catering and stamping. An odd combination, but both creative. Keep an eye on my website for more news and special events.

I do need to lose 10lbs, who doesn't, but it's not a resolution. I am not going to stress out over that - there's too many other important things going on to be worried about 10lbs.

But to you, I wish only the best for 2012. I hope you meet all of your challenges, I hope you have a healthy new year and I hope you are happy - with family, with friends, with work and with life in general. I hope you enjoy every moment of 2012 and create wonderful memories.


I guess keeping up with my blog should be a challenge, but I will tuck it in with #7. 

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