Thursday, January 5, 2012

Minnie Cake Pops

At 10pm on New Years Eve, when we did our "Happy New Year" for all the kids, I headed home with our three and put them to bed, and then got started on these cake pops. Thanks to Bakerella's website, I hope I made a little 4 year old client happy on January 1.

I got up at 6am the next morning just to put the finishing touches on. I think they turned out kind of cute.

They are not difficult to make, but you really have to only work with a couple at a time. Otherwise, the balls of cake warm up, and because the tops are so heavy, off falls the head. I lost a couple like this. I had to really slow down and take things easy.

I didn't find any black food colour either, well, the one without water as an ingredient, so I looked for the darkest chocolate I could find. I think it was a 72%, and even if it was not so sweet on the outside, the inside of sweet chocolate cake and frosting would balance it out nicely.

And, I was really challenged at piping miniature hearts out of pink candy chocolate for the bows at 6am, so the Valentine quins had to do, and worked really well - the perfect shade of Minnie Mouse pink.

Head over to Bakerella's site and see her other wonderful creations.

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