Friday, March 9, 2012

Spiderweb Cupcakes

Trying to please little boys with super hero themed food is fabulous. I am not a theme cake maker, nor do I profess to be one, Actually, if you call me and say "can you make a cake that looks like a shoe?", I will say no. It's not my strength, I don't enjoy doing it, so with both those combined, the cakes never turn out well. I mean, they are delicious, they are just not as perfect-looking as I would like them to be.
I like little cakes, and little hors d'oeuvres, and cute food, and hundreds of little food all looking exactly the same. I find pleasure in the details, ALL the tiny details.
So, my Spiderman themed cupcakes turned out great - chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and then a white chocolate web placed right on top. All of those little "soldiers" (as my mum used to say), all looked exactly the same. I was in heaven.

You can order custom cupcakes right from my website at Take Another Bite. Just email me or give me a call - as long as it's not too themed, I am very happy to help out with the most delicious cupcakes you have ever tasted. I promise!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Purple Pops

It was a busy weekend, I had these cake pops go out on order, as well as cupcakes. At the same time, I am entertaining my brother and his girlfriend from Australia. I feel a bit wiped out, to be honest.
The favourite colours of the recipient were purple & black, so I dipped chocolate cake balls in dark chocolate and then used the purple candy coating to make stripes, purple sugar and purple sprinkles.

I used to really dislike making cake pops, but recently they seem to have been on the top of everyone's order list, and now, after lots of practice, they seem to have grown on me. I don't mind them now that I have figured out the quirks!

Anyway, you can order these from me (in the Ottawa area) by visiting my website Take Another Bite and getting in touch with me.