Monday, January 9, 2012

Candied Cranberry Lime Cupcake

Out of all the cupcakes I sold over the holiday season, it turns out that this gorgeous Candied Cranberry Lime Cupcake was the best seller. I really thought that the Vanilla Snowflake or the Candy Cane would top the list, but no, it seems everyone loves cranberries.

Actually, I had so many positive comments on the cranberry cupcake that I have decided to carry it on my menu through the winter season.

It's basically a moist vanilla cupcake base studded with fresh cranberries, glazed with a cranberry syrup and topped with a lime buttercream and candied cranberries. It's so good, the mix of sweet and sour, with a little crunch on the top from the candied cranberries.

Have a look at my website Take Another Bite if you want to order some!

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