Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Grandma's Recipes

I opened up the mail box the other day, and inside was a parcel from my Dad in Australia. He hadn't mentioned posting anything, so I was intrigued as to what could be inside. I was so surprised to find my Grandma's cookbook - all her handwritten and hand-snipped recipes, gathered from so long ago.
My Grandma is the person who taught me to cook, and a favourite of ours was poached eggs. Whenerver I stayed over, we always used to make them in the mornings for breakfast. If my Grandpa remembered he would go out and try to find double yolk eggs - always a special treat.
Anyway, I just love to cook now, and cooking reminds me of so many afternoons in her kitchen. They are good memories and I am happy to remember them.
I'm looking over these recipes though, and there are some interesting ones. Did you see the one for Steak Paste? As delicious as that sounds (not), who would ever have thought to make it - steak into a paste, so gross. I will not be making that - ever....

And, just in case you need help with stubborn bathroom grime...all while you are cooking :)

Zucchini Pickles sounds good, might have to try it this summer when zucchini are plentiful.
And, check out the frosting job on that Teddy Cake. Nice......

Can you see the date on the Good Housekeeping Cake Recipes booklet? I know, this must be an antique, well, almost anyway.

So, over the summer, if I can find some time, I will be trying out some of these heirloom recipes, I will post my results...good, bad and plain ugly. Although, I am sure today's recipes originated from recipes like this. As with anything good, things transform and evolve into what we consider acceptable today.

Happy summer, hope you had some good laughs and hopefully, this is a welcome back to blogging for me. I will find the time, I will find the time, I will find the time.........

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  1. I just love your seed and date bars...can you tell what is in them...Im heading out west and would love to make them