Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winter Birthday Cake

I had the honour of baking a 4" four-layer cake for a one year old today. The theme was Winter and the colours were white and purple. How cute is that? My twins turn one year old in about 10 days and I think I might do something just as fun. Please let me remember to take plenty of photos. My three-year old's birthdays have so far gone un-documented, as I am always too busy running around doing a million other things. This is the year it stops and I begin to record milestones.
My dad even gave us a video camera when our son was born, have I ever used it, nope! I much prefer my still camera and I really really really hate seeing myself, or hearing my own voice on a video. I just don't think I look or sound like that :)
I also made co-ordinating cupcakes in vanilla and chocolate with the same purple and white butter cream and white chocolate snowflakes. Fingers crossed the party girl loved it!

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