Monday, May 24, 2010

Brown Sugar Strawberries

I am walking the produce section of the grocery store here in Ottawa, just peeking to see what they might have available this week, and as I am looking at the berries I notice these gorgeous strawberries for $1.99. I thought, what a bargain. I know it's early in the summer and you can get strawberries, but rock hard and white in the centers, and they are generally not priced that reasonably.

So, I take a step closer and then I realise that it's only half a pound, and I think to myself sucked in again by a big sign with a low price. But, they are called "brown sugar" strawberries, and really what could be a more delicious treat on this first long weekend that marks the beginning of summer?  Will they really be worth it, or will they let me down?

I took a chance, and I won! They are absolutely delicious. Not even a tinge of tartness. They are not perfectly red ripe through to the centre, but it doesn't matter. They taste so damn good and they are juicy, like crazy juicy that when you bite into one the juice almost drips onto your lip.

Do you know what is even better? They are all perfect - not a blemish to be found on any one of them. The stems are still green, and to top it right off, they lay on their own bed of bubble wrap. I love it.

It's official - I am in love with brown sugar strawberries....well, until local ones become available, that is!

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